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If you are like most construction & refurbishment companies in the business of selling a concept or an idea you know that seeing things from another perspective is what is needed to close the sale. The beauty of a 3d rendering is the way it brings the idea to life, making it that much easier for your potential clients to visualise your proposed home renovation project in a way that seems more real to them. In other words, it can help your business get more business.

Our B2B Design Services

From development to helping conceptualize spaces, there is no doubt that 3D graphic design can make a difference for all kinds of professionals. Though your text-only quotations can gave plenty of useful and relevant information, they are not that eye-catching. People tend to forget all about the company once they’ve got the answers to their question. 3D renderings and photos offer both visual proof to the words and an eye-candy to get noticed.











How it works

Whatever your next home renovation project, we can create basic or more detailed 3d images for bathrooms, kitchens, lofts and extensions. We will provide them fast and at an affordable price. All you have to do is send us your measurements, a hand drawn sketch and some photos of the space. If you have multiple potential projects you are working on you can also subscribe for monthly 3D packages to get the best price and a free gift - a professional website for your business. 

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