Do eyelash extensions hurt?

No! Eyelash extensions do not hurt. Most clients fall asleep! It is actually a very relaxing experience. You will lay down with your eyes closed while we pamper you with beautiful lashes. (PS... busy moms love it)!

I have never had extensions before, what should I start with?

Most of our clients start out with the Classic Full Set. This is the most natural set we offer and is ideal for first time clients. The classic method is one eyelash to one natural lash creating a "your-lashes-but-better" look. The great thing about extennsions is that they are customizable. When you come in for your fill you can tell the technician if you want them fuller, longer, shorter, wispy, etc.

How often do you have to get fills?

We recomend fills every 2-4 weeks depending on the type of set you get, how your lash cycle is, and most importanty how you take care of them. Your natural lashes have their own growth cycle just like our hair. When an eyelash reaches full maturity, it will eventually shed and a new baby lash will be in its place and continue to grow to full maturity. When your eyelash comes out, your extension will come out with that lash. We lose around 1-3 lashes a day naturally, (don't worry, most of us have around 100-150 lashes per eye). Following our aftercare is the best way to get the maximum retention between fills.

How long does it take?

Eyelash extension full sets take around 1.5 hours. Volume full sets may take up to 2 hours. Eyelash extension fills vary from 30-60 minutes. Lash lifts take 60 minutes.

What is the difference between a lash lift and extensions?

A lash lift is using your own natural lashes and giving them an upwards curl. This gives the illusion of long dark lashes by having them curl upwards. You may still need mascara for fullness as it is only using your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are for clients that do not want to wear mascara and/or have short lashes. Extensions are more customizable as far as fullness, length, and overall style.