Penthouse XL grey stone effect tiles

These extra-large tiles have been inspired by a rare type of Phyllite slate found in the Dalradian rocks on the Isle of Arran; expertly replicated by the newest printing technology, each tile has its own unique pattern with a smooth long-lasting finish. To evoke a calming atmosphere choose a coordinating tile that works in harmony with the delicate colour variations of the Penthouse range. The soft weathered hue has the wild feel of a piece of natural stone found battered by the shoreline, with delicate grey-white markings giving it a distinct look.


• Due to the nature of the tile we recommend a minimum of two people to help lift and fix tiles from the XL collection.

• Back-buttering the tile is required to ensure suitable contact with the tile is achieved; trowelling the substrate with a Thick Solid Bed Trowel is also advised

• A cementitious adhesive is recommended to ensure full drying/curing/strength

• Recommended floor adhesive: BAL PTB Fibre Plus • Recommended wall adhesive: BAL Rapid Flex Fibre Plus

• Hardibacker™ Cement Boards are recommended if working with a weak plasterboard substrate

• When tiling on a wall a ‘solid' body spacer is recommended to avoid tiles slipping

Penthouse XL grey stone effect tiles

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